The best single best riding experience, don’t leave Iceland without visiting! –

I visited in late August 2016. I ended up getting a private tour which was unexpected and very nice. I learned a lot about Icelandic horses and Iceland itself. The horses are the most happy and relaxed I’ve ever met in my life. So friendly and easy to be around, the people are really taking great care of their animals. The area we rode on was incredibly beautiful and easy to manage. I feel like a beginner wouldn’t be intimidated and someone more experienced would enjoy it as well. We got a chance to walk through two streams and my horse got to have a little break to take a drink! I was too busy enjoying the ride to even take pictures. I got a few times to try the unique gait, the tolt, and even a short gallop. The gallop was amazing, like floating on a cloud. I will need some more practice for the tolt, but can’t wait to learn so I can go back and do one of their longer rides. I would love to do a full day or multi day ride next year! Also the ride was very affordable as far as riding goes, definitely family friendly.

Visited August 2016



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